3D Scanning for Contractors and Building Owners in Salt Lake & Utah County

We provide contractors and building owners with critical and precise 3D data that can be used in construction and renovations.

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What is 3D Scanning?

Our laser scanning services provide interested parties, contractors, building owners, and prospective buyers with critical and precise 3D data that can be used in new construction projects, structural renovations, and forensic investigation and documentation. With 3D scanning, we are able to quickly capture scanned data of an entire structure, both inside and out. Laser scanning can be conducted at various stages of construction, de-construction, renovation, or preservation projects, capturing critical information along the way that can be utilized by all project partners.

Sample 3D Scan

Explore the sample scan. This scan shows the exterior of a home. We deliver to you an easy-to-use 3D model. You can explore the space below by panning in 360 degrees, measure distances, areas, adding labels and more. Click a pin and then “3D” to view the scan. To see other incredible uses of 3D scanning, see this list of projects here.

Applications and Benefits of 3D Scanning

The following are some of the applications and benefits of 3D scanning:

  • As-Built Documentation: Capture a complete and accurate representation of built conditions that can be used later in remodeling. Scan data is available to the building owner to allow for viewing and measuring of in-wall and overhead conditions at any point of the life cycle of the building, taking the guesswork out of remodeling and repair projects.
  • BIM & 3D Model Integration of Field Conditions: Ensure the project is proceeding according to design by verifying actual field conditions against the Building Information Model (BIM).
  • Dimensional Verification for Prefabricated Systems: Prefabricate building components using actual as-built conditions rather than using the Building Information Model (BIM) which will vary from actual conditions.
  • Forensic Building Science: Determine the cause and reach a defendable explanation of building failure, whether human- or nature-caused for those seeking a remedy for construction defect. Scan data enables us to provide damage analysis of residential structures due to defective construction, improper construction sequencing, product failure, and failure to follow codes and standards. In addition, our process and technology enable us to inexpensively document and preserve with precision the extent of defective construction, making it possible for building owners to repair or restore their structure prior to a complete resolution.
  • Quality Control/Quality Management: Quickly identify differences between design and actual installations. Ensures the job is done right the first time. Early identification of defects or failures in the construction process will help eliminate increased costs, personal injuries, inspection delays, and the need for rework.

Our Technology

C.R.I., Inc. performs all 3D scanning using the latest technology. Our current equipment includes:

  • FARO Focus 3D X 330 Laser Scanner: captures as-built measurements and creates a complete recording of the current physical status of buildings and construction sites. Takes only minutes to scan a complete project.

Once we complete the scanning using the FARO Focus Laser Scanner, we utilize the following software to quickly process and evaluate 3D laser scan data:

  • FARO Scene Cloud Registration Software
  • FARO PointSense for Revit
  • Autodesk Revit

When used together, these components enable us to offer our clients a “state of the art” building information modeling system.

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Call, text, or email us to schedule your scan today.

Email: utahcountyinspectionservices@gmail.com

Serving Your Residential and Commercial Building Needs

We focus primarily on residential building information and provide damage analysis delivering an accurate, preserved representation of defect and an opinion of cause. However, we are licensed as an ICC Commercial Code Inspector and have the same testing capacity for commercial buildings as we do for residential. If you have a need for 3D scanning services for a commercial property, please contact us to discuss your project.